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1965 Pontiac GTO


1965 Pontiac GTO


Drop in of a fresh rebuilt engine

1965 Pontiac 389 engine with 400 heads

Completely rebuilt with new flywheel and pilot bearing! The 2 hardest parts to find!

But we managed to find them even when others said they had been looking for them for years.

We have learned from experience, that even if a customer tells us that he has it all ready to be put in and that they have all the parts. There will always be something missing or wrong. When we put the motor back together, we fond that the flywheel was damaged and that the pilot baring was missing. Which pushed the install time back by days.

And that is why when you ask for a estimate on time and price. We can only be close, if we do all the work not just the install.  But ether way we will get it done!   

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