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1952 Chevy Deluxe

1952 Chevy Deluxe Owner has had work at 2 different shops and has not been happy with the results!

Now the car has arrived here to be checked out.

Customer has listed a few thing that he has found with the car that he is not happy with about the car when he got it back from them.


 Customers list of problems with car

1 Gas gauge not working

2 Brakes are sketchy

3 Speedometer not calibrated properly

4 Strong odder of gas in car when driving

5 Wheels rub when full turn right or left


Customer also said that the transmission slips

and he is not happy with the wiring

or the amount it has been lowered


At this point I will be going through the car thoroughly to see what has been done to the car and how it has been done!

I hopes of correcting the issues he is having with it.  

We have gone though the car and have been addressing more problems as we go along with the repairs!

The car is now sitting at a more appropriate ride height. Which should improve drive-ability and handling of the car! As well we relocated the front calipers to improve braking. We now also have the new firewall mount kit to relocated the master cylinder and add a power brake booster. In order to upgrade the car to power brakes.

At the same time we are upgrading the speedometer and gauges to a fully electronic 12 volt system, with a GPS speed system for more accurate speed reading.

With this upgraded system we will be replacing all of the sending units, to insure that all the gauges are dependable and reading accurately         

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