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1952 Ford F3 Project


The first-generation of the Ford F-Series is a series of trucks that was produced by Ford in North America from 1947 to 1952. The introduction of the F-Series marked the divergence of Ford car and truck design, developing a chassis intended specifically for truck use.

Across North America, Ford assembled F-Series trucks at sixteen different facilities during its production. In Canada, Lincoln-Mercury sold the F-Series under the Mercury M-Series nameplate to expand coverage in rural areas. The first generation of the F-Series is the sole generation produced entirely with "Flathead" engines (inline-6 and V8) and without an automatic transmission

The first-generation F-Series was marketed in eight different chassis (based on their GVWR), giving them their model names; the F-1 was the lightest-capacity version with the F-8 as the highest. F-1 through F-3 pickup trucks were offered (forming the basis for panel trucks) and the bare F-3 chassis served as the basis for a parcel delivery truck. The heavier-duty F-4 chassis was produced as a light-duty commercial truck. The F-5 and F-6 were produced as medium-duty trucks in three configurations, a conventional, a COE/cab-over (as the C-Series), and a school bus chassis (as the B-Series, no bodywork rear of the firewall). The F-7 and F-8 were heavy-duty commercial trucks, marketed under the "Big Job" brand name from 1951.

With the exception of bus chassis and parcel-delivery vehicles (which used bodywork produced by second-party manufacturers), Ford shared the same cab design on all F-Series trucks; C-Series trucks moved the cab upward and forward, requiring a higher hood.

The most common first-generation model was the F-1 with a 6 ½-foot bed, followed by the F-2 and F-3 Express models with an 8-foot (2.4 m) bed.


This truck is getting a fresh rebuild on the engine. To bring it back to life.

As well as cleaning up the fire wall and engine compartment. Before the fresh engine is put back in the truck.

The wiring and fuel system will be all through and freshened up.

The king pins will be replaced and brake system will also be gone through as well.

We will be going through the whole drive train as well.


Keep checking back to see how this build is going along!

We will be posting updates on a regular bases.


Heater box rebuild

You never know what you will find when you take apart a 68 year old heater box!


But we will clean it up and make it work like new again.


Not only should it work well!

But it needs to look good as well


Front end work


King pin replacement and parts cleanup


This was that original color of the truck

"Sheridan blue"


But before it can look like that!

It needs a lot of pulling apart and cleaning up!


Cleanup Backing plates, hubs, repack bearings and install new brake master and shoes.

New parts being installed as they come in! 


Door would not open from the outside handle and door handle was sagging!

So we did a complete rebuild on the door lock  mechanism! Now it works like new!      

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